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If you find a woman
with a wild heart
do not try to tame her.
You must adore her
recklessly, the way
she is meant to be loved.

Do not try to quiet her,
for her roars will reach
far and wide.
She has something
important to say.
Help her say it.

Do not get in her way.
She stops for no one.
Do not try to change
the path she has chosen.
Learn also to love the wind
and let it change you.


C.B. Wild-Hearted Woman

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Those damn eyes
fucked me

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I really hate being an introvert because I sometimes think “oh hey, I can totally hang out with a bunch of people right now! I can handle it! I hate being alone!!” and then three hours into hanging out I realize how draining of energy it is for me to be around other people and I just want to curl up into a ball and isolate myself for the rest of my life.

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Alps by Jake
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Officially the worst vacation I’ve ever been on.

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