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"You’re both my illness and my medicine."
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♔Vintage Utopia♔
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"I dont understand how someone can be so addictive"
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bibliophile-and-mistressofwords asked: You get all of these messages, anon or not, saying how gorgeous you are. Don't get me wrong, you are. But as a person, I admire you. I wish i could just sit down and talk with you. Get to know you. Be friends with you.

Wow this is by far one of my favorite messages that I’ve received. Thank you for not being some stupid anon doting on my looks. You’re a lovely person. Have a good evening.

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part of me wants to do really well in school and get an amazing job and the other part of me just wants to lie on the floor and do nothing ever because i’m gonna die in the end anyway

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"Doesn’t it scare you that you’ve wasted more than half of your life hating yourself? It should."
Michelle K., What Keeps Me Up at Night #102. (via l084)

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Closer - Tegan & Sara

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I don’t think people with suicidal tendencies get enough credit for not acting on their suicidal thoughts, whether a person has survived the urge to end their life or if they’re still fighting to come out on the other side. When someone has a physical illness, such as cancer, and they are able to beat the virus, there is celebration. I believe suicidal survivors should celebrate also. Congratulations on another day and, please, keep on fighting.

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